Lindsay Carlton Writes

Halls of Ivy

 Seventeen-year-old Lisa Coleman is more than ready for a new beginning at college, a place where she isn’t harassed by her verbally abusive older brother that she’s never been able to stick up to. She arrives at Holden University on Long Island determined to fit in, fall in love and chase after her TV producing career dreams.

 It doesn’t take long for Lisa to meet Aiden Duncan, an heir to a multi-million dollar corporate construction company. Suddenly, sparks fall around halls of ivy and Lisa finds herself in a world she doesn’t belong to. Her family never summered in the Hamptons and she didn’t own expensive handbags-- hell she didn’t even know Chanel was a real person.   But in the midst of a swoon-worthy relationship, Lisa learns that life is full of pretty fantasies and harsh realities. Her father tragically dies unexpectedly, leaving her and her family in pieces. She distracts her broken heart by pledging for a sorority that somehow turns out to be more like hell on hormones.    

This is a coming-of-age teen fiction novel that follows Lisa as she discovers who she is and who she doesn’t want to be. Her heart gets tangled in between a guy who’s out her league, a broken family and a prestigious internship that could take her away from it all.